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Cross Counter - Gootecks&Mike Ross -- Third Strike Revival At Super Arcade

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www.youtube.com Click here to watch the previous episode of Cross Counter! Cross Counter - Gootecks&Mike Ross -- Third Strike Revival at Super Arcade With Mike Ross in Japan for SBO, Gootecks cuts loose! Join him as he celebrates his favorite game in a special episode of Cross Counter dedicated to Street Fighter 3: Third Strike. We head to Super Arcade, the new home of Wednesday Night Fights, where Gootecks, with the help of Yi "5 Star" Wang, throws a Third Strike tournament. With Third Strike Online recently released, Gootecks and Yi are looking to grow the current SF3 community, scouting for talent to bring back the intensity from the FFA and Denjin days. Check out the Third Strike grand finals set between 5 Star and Pyrolee, complete with commentary and post game interviews! Mark Your Calendars: Tuesday, Sept. 20 at 8 PM (PST) www.thestream.tv ____________LINKS____________ Cross Counter's Rise of the Web Warrior Tournament www.beyondgaming.com Super Arcade www.twitter.com Level|Up Series: www.levelup-series.com Thanks to David-Paul Mattock for his track "JUST BLOCK" Find more of his work soundcloud.com bit.ly bit.ly ____________CROSS COUNTER GUIDES____________ We have a diverse selection of in-depth, hour+ long fighting game video training guides available for download! Such as SSF4 player Air's guide to Ryu, two MvC3 guides by experts Viscant and Clockw0rk, a Mortal Kombat guide hosted by veteran MK player Tom Brady, and more! Check them out here: store.crosscounter...

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